How To Trade Boom and Crash Successfully and Make Money Every Day

Trading boom and crash can be very challenging especially for a beginner who don’t know what boom and crash is all about . If you have been looking for a place to gain knowledge on were to trade boom and Crash indices then your in right place . Trading boom and crash required an understand before one can start making profit . First of all one need to Sign up in and create account for boom and crash platform which you need to choose Meta trader first and then click create new .After then you choose Demo or real account . After choosing the one you like to trade then you choose your account type either synthetic or financial or even financial STP . IF you want to trade boom and Crash then you will choose Synthetic and click next then enter your password .Your password need to be Capital, Uppercase, Numbers and Characters. Example is ABc123%&. Then when you your through then your unique login detail will be generated then copy it and download Metal trader 5 on the web page and install then open it and put your login detail you copied with password. After you have successful login then you will see boom and crash on your Metal Trader 5. then it time to show you how to milk in the boom and Crash.


Having in mind that boom and crash indices has a unique movement and one need to understand it very well before heading over and trade it so you can make very good profit. So to trade boom and crash you need to master the techniques needed . These are understanding Discipline in trading . which are Psychology, Money management and strategy. If you understand this then you can trade any financial market but most boom and Crash.

Psychology are those things which most people neglect in the market they are fear, greedy, fighting the market , over confidence . Discovery have made it clear that psychology carry 55% in trading which are most important and most people neglect this just headed over to register and trade without learning .

Then when you have mastered how psychology works then you can be able to hold your emotion even when the market is going wrong. then the next we are going to discuss is your money management

Money Management is the very important in trading is carries 25% .Most people looses money in the market because of lack of Money management and this can is cause most when a trader doesn’t the know what they win or loses. It makes a trade casually when someone doesn’t trade with expectation .Having a good knowledge money management will make you lose less and win big. Here how to do money management ; when you want to trade first all know your capital then make sure you do not lose more than 2% of your capital in each trade . For example you have $100 as your trading capital then you must not lose more than $20 . So if you keep this in mind and continue trading you will not wipe your account but keep profiting. So any time you lose like 2% of your capital then stop and start then next day . you can even practice on Demo or real account can be save for sometime. Now it time we move to trading Strategy with is very important also. There are many trading strategy out there but what matters is the one that suit you most. Here my strategy i will show you is using Moving average and Relative Strength index .

So you need to set your Moving average at 200 and leave your Relative Strength index to default . Then this how you can trade it. first of all you need to check on 1hr timeframe then do some analysis then later you come back to 1minute , if the relative strength index is over bought and Moving average 200 is above the candle stick then you sell. But if the moving average 200 is below the candle stick and the relative strength index is over sell then you buy. So if your new in trading all you need to do is just to Create your account on and start making profit right away. It can only takes a minute to do that . So using this strategy has profited many people and you can also make even more profit than that. Why trading is good to have a good group that can help you grow your trading knowledge such as Telegram group or any other platform that you can interreact with many people of the same community. This will quicken you and help you have a better strategy.

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