Boom and crash strategy-How to Make $200 Per Day trading boom and crash

If your looking a way to make money using boom and crash strategy then this article is for you. Boom and crash is a from deriv that provide trading commodities. Trading can be challenging especially for a beginner who just started trading without having knowledge on how market moves, even some intermediate loose huge amount of money because they lack discipline in the market. There are three things one must know before heading over to trading boom and crash . For you to be successful in trading boom and crash you know these things . According to my research i discovered that Psychology, Money management , and strategy care the most thing behind using boom and crash strategy and these this will be explain each.


#1: Psychology: I know most people do not talk about this but this is the most important in trading . according to my research i discovered that psychology carries 55% in trading As you can see is very important to use it in our trading. Psychology in trading involves those things such as , Fear , Greedy, fighting back the market, over confidence etc . for instance some people approach the market with fear of being loose , others approach market with greedy to make money over night. some have over confidence after winning thinking they will still be winning each time While some people Fight back the market after losing in trying to make their money back they ended up wiping their account. Here we are going to explain how you can use boom and crash strategy and money management to to be successful in your trading but i just want to give you most import thing to apply. To avoid those thing we should remove fear or greedy in using boom and crash strategy and by that we can make enough money. When you lose a in trading boom and crash do not fight back to get your income back rather practice more on your demo may be you lack strategy which we will still talk here. Psychology is very important if one can control his her emotion when trading then there will be much profit.

# 2 Money Management : This is where most of people wipe there account especially beginners who are just starting in using boom and crash strategy without having some fundamental knowledge of how they can control their money . According to my research i discovered that money management carries 30% in trading and most of people neglect it . Here i will show how you can manage your money properly . To manage your money in boom and crash strategy you should not lose more than 2% of your income in trading , For instance you have $100 as you capital if you lose $20 then stop trading and learn or practice , by doing this you will be able to recognize your mistakes .Those who knows how to manage their money in trading make much profit . The difference between Professional trader and Armature trader is that professional already know what he will lose , he have calculated everything before trading so even if the trade goes against him , there is no problem , he still feel comfortable but armature do not any analysis or calculate anything , thinks that he will always win but when it turn against him then angry come were by making him loose more . Set a Stoploss when your trading boom and crash this will help you minimize risk . Do not you big lot in using boom and crash strategy , this will help you feel comfortable in trading. So here i will talk about the strategy you can use to apply in trading boom and crash. Remember we said you need three which is psychology, Money management and Strategy so make sure you read this article from beginning to end as it will help you stop losing and you start profiting in boom and crash.

# 3 Strategy: In this area you are going to learn how to trade boom and crash very well. According to my Research Strategy in trading carries 15% . This also important but we are going to more detail on how you can apply it.There are many strategy out there but yet people are still losing , why ? this because some people do not understand how to use it , or because it have not suit them . It is very important to know which strategy suit you or not . My advice to every trader it to use one strategy for long time before moving to another so that it can master you . Here the strategy i am going to share with with is very simple and you can use it make a lot of money when using boom and crash strategy on your trade. Here i going to show you strategy that you can use and make money in boom and crash market. Firstly You need to set a moving average . The benefit of moving average is point out were there is support and resistance , again it show you were the trend of the market weather is uptrend or down trend.

The moving average your going to apply is :

1: 200 Exponential Moving Average ( EMA)

2: 10 Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Then apply other ones:

3: Relative Strength Index (RSI)

4: My Special indicator (Optional)

After Setting it your system then your good to go :

How to Enter: For you to Enter you must make sure That EMA 200 is under or above : For instance your trading boom 1000 , You need to make sure the moving average is under boom1000 candle. Here were considering in trading spike and you need to know that catching is profitable. The simple moving average 10 is in line with candle. The relative strength index have to be approaching 30 or under 30 then when you see this Enter .My special indicator will give you signal to enter also. by doing this you will discover your making a lot of profit.

What is boom and crash strategy indices

With Boom 1000 (500) index, there’s an average of one spike in the rate collection that happens at anytime within 1000 (500) ticks.

Step indices

With Step index, there is equal probability of up/down motion in the cost series with fixed action dimension of 0.1.

What is Range break indices

Range break 100 breaks through the range on average as soon as every 100 times that it hits the boundary.

Range break 200 breaks through the array usually once every 200 times that it strikes the boundary.

Important notes on our swap prices (over night funding).
If you keep any type of settings open over night, a passion modification will certainly be made to your trading account as indication of the price required to maintain your placement open.

The interest adjustment is determined in annual base for long and also brief positions according to the formula: (current price * agreement size * quantity in whole lots * defined swap size/100)/ 360.

Please keep in mind that our swap rate additionally relies on the time and days you hold your placements open.

Success, the one point that divides the patient from the impatient, the sustaining from the one that quits the one that encounters their fear and also one that succumbs to fear. What do I additionally require to be successful what does it require successful? These prevail inquiries you will learn through those who wish to succeed they never ever offer their mind an opportunity to think whether they will certainly do it or otherwise all they recognize is they will certainly not surrender if one thing does not function well for them they maintain attempting till they reach their objective.

To be effective you always need a strategy you have to know what benefit you, bearing in mind the kind of success you desire you must understand the kind of strategy to use. As a trader recognizing that trading on its own is a service where you either make earnings or losses you need an approach. It is not betting but a correct business that is likewise run based upon strategies and concepts. you locate there are a great deal of fast food restaurants selling the same food yet prepared using different recipes as well as to establish that a person likes this to that, a client would certainly have tasted the food from the numerous dining establishments as well as discovered the one ideal for them. Easily, in the trading world there are numerous means of striking the market and each one has to locate what works for them.

The primary emphasis of this write-up is on boom and accident. It is a bundle established for boom and also accident investors where one has the capacity to pick which strategy they would certainly want to use and also it is all including as the methods provided do not forget spike investors or scalpers.

To start with, I will outline all the approaches I carry exactly how to properly trade against spikes:.

The 100 pips approach.

In this method the bull candles need to be green and also the bears have to be red to make it easy for the investor since they will be making use of the outstanding oscillator.
You utilize the remarkable oscillator that is on costs Williams.
You make the colour of the value up similar to the bull candle holders as well as make use of two or 3 pixels.
For value down make it red to ensure that they are similar to the bearish candlesticks as well as likewise use two or three pixels.
For this method to function efficiently for boom you first need to make certain it is in a downtrend as well as you see this in the bigger time frames as well as for collision the reverse holds true. The strategy is utilized in the one minute period. This being the first problem.
So you can either draw fad lines if you are proficient at it yet if you locate it difficult to draw fad lines you can utilize an indication that is the Exponential Relocating Ordinary (EMA) with duration 13. If the EMA is aiming down on a greater time frame you know it remains in a drop so it is risk-free to trade boom and for collision the reverse is true.
Entries need to be after a spike then for boom you need to await the value approximately alter to value down. If you are trading crash you wait on value down to alter to value up.
Your target using this method is simply 100 pips that is 2 candlesticks then you leave. A 100 pips is when you make 10 united states bucks if you have actually gone into with a 10 whole lot and as soon as you get to the quantity comparable to your whole lot dimension you leave.
As long as there is no colour adjustment on the worth up or down to match the condition of the index you wish to trade you do not take a trade.
Constantly make sure that for boom you are in a down pattern as well as for crash you remain in an uptrend.

Keep in mind, the fad is your pal so first of all like from the previous method you also do an evaluation on your trend as well as it needs to remain in a sag for boom as well as uptrend for accident.
You also wait for a spike to happen initially after that get in after the wick is developed.
You need to make use of correct risk monitoring. An instance of the whole lot sizes to use for a variety of accounts is shown listed below:.

If you are looking for exactly how to use boom and crash strategy as well as trading indices successfully, then this short article was created for you. Generally of thumb, there is no technique that is 100% ideal, however I will try to share some tips that will certainly direct you in your trip to come to be an effective investor.

First, what is Boom and Crash Indices?
If you are a rookie, you must have come across Boom 500, Boom 1000, Collision 1000, as well as Accident 500. For the sake of quality, Boom and Accident are ‘artificial indices’ that is discovered only under the (a brand) platform.

With Accident 1000( 500) Index, there’s a typical drop in the cost series that takes place at anytime within 1000( 500) ticks.

With Boom 1000 (500) index, there’s an average of one spike in the cost collection that happens at anytime within 1000( 500) ticks.

Just How to Trade Boom and Crash Indices Efficiently.
A variety of investors (both specialist as well as newbie) have actually had problems with the market framework of boom and collision. This is because, unlike the currency pair, boom and crash have been structured to either purchase or sell utilizing spikes at an even duration of tick.

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For instance, when trading either the boom (Boom 500 or Boom 1000) or accident (Crash 500 or 1000) assets, one will observe that the boom market sells by default while the accident properties acquire by default. Nonetheless, when boom markets purchase, it buys with long bullish spikes while collision markets offer with lengthy bearish spikes. This particular function makes the boom and collision one-of-a-kind however, additionally scary for newbie traders (See Number 1 to 4).

How to Profession Boom and also Crash.

Figure 1: Boom 1000 chart revealing a bullish spike.

Just How to Profession Boom and also Accident.

Figure 2: Boom 500 revealing the default sell candles.

collision 500.

Number 3: Collision 500 chart revealing a bearish spike.

Just How to Trade Boom as well as Collision.

Figure 4: Crash 500 chart showing the default bullish buy candle lights.


Develop a Technique.
Like in every foreign exchange market, various trading methods are employed by investors to make profits. This includes scalping, day trading, turn trading, and position trading. As an investor goes with a particular kind of trading method, fundamental factors influencing such a choice consist of an individual’s trading style, trading psychology, direct exposure, and experience. All these foundational variables anchor on two basic qualities: Character as well as Expertise.

Trading Boom as well as Crash, My Tale.
When I started trading boom and also accident markets, I started my trading journey as a scalper. As a matter of fact, in the very first year of my trading experience, more than 95% of boom and also accident investors that I have actually been privileged to fulfill were scalpers. As high as I understood that there were other trading strategies, scalping was the basic trading approach I really felt was suitable for trading boom as well as accident markets.

This was additionally verified incidentally the marketplace was structured (spikes in boom buy and accident offer situations), as well as also on the reduced threat to compensate ratio when day or swing trading with very tiny lot sizes. As an example, in currency set profession, utilizing a whole lot dimension of 0.01 for a $100 account is a great threat administration choice.

Nevertheless, trading boom as well as crash with a whole lot size of 0.01 is a difficult adventure that will certainly require more than 100 pips before an investor obtains a revenue of $1. Because of that, updated the lowest great deal size of the market from 0.10 to 0.20 to enable earnings maximation. Because I understand that it is a self-destructive experience to trade a 0.20 lot on a $100 account, the marketplace structure is the standard platform for which the default great deal was set to 0.20 to make it possible for traders to have a return of $1 for every 5 pips and also vice versa.

Generally, scalping the Boom as well as Collision market often tends to be the norm due to the marketplace structure and also psychology. Because of that, many investors have a tendency to focus on just reduced amount of time; precisely, M1 to M15. This rather makes it difficult to convince traders to look away from the spikes (which are so apparent as well as influencing in lower timespan) and also place their concentrate on the basic big picture of the market (the marketplace fad).

Nevertheless, the boom and also accident market can still be ‘day or swing traded’ if a trader has an excellent understanding of the market psychology, price activity, as well as excellent risk monitoring. As a matter of fact, the best way to make earnings hinges on day trading or swing trading. This is because either of these trading techniques always value the cost activity. Number 5 to 7 shows the rate action graph as observed in Accident and also Boom markets.

Exactly how to trade boom as well as collision.

Number 5: Collision 500 chart showing rate activity graph.

Collision 500.

Number 6: Crash 1000 graph revealing cost action graph.

Accident 500 chart showing cost action chart.

Figure 7: Crash 500 chart showing price action graph.

From the above setup, it is never incorrect to start trading boom as well as crash as a scalper yet it will be wrong if you proceed as a scalper. The goal of trading is not just in making revenues however additionally in the personal growth of one’s skill. Therefore, as one lays out as a scalper, one ought to likewise seek to be part of the marketplace’s big picture by boosting to a day, swing, and also placement trading.

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